Federal Trade Commission

Turn the SARC into an ARC

Depending on your count (some are special and may end), there are between 60 and 70 Offices of Inspector General throughout the Federal Government. Perhaps not all, but certainly most, have to send in what’s called the Semi-Annual Report to Congress, or SARC. Eliminating “Semi” has a few advantages. First, work is cut in half immediately. Second, annual data has more meaning for comparisons from year to year than what occurs every half year. Third, greater accomplishments will be highlighted with a focus on a year as opposed to what has gone on in the past six months.


Further, at least 1,000 of these are produced are most likely produced by each OIG. Most are sent in paper copy, so the number of publications are greatly reduced (1,000 times 60 equals 60,000). Finally, when the annual report is disseminated, pdfs can be transmitted instead of paper copies, reducing another 60,000 paper copies.



Idea No. 10860