EXOP - Office of Administration

Streamline SAVE Award

We all have lots of ideas to save money, but we end up with thousands of ideas being posted on SAVE, many of which are essentially the same. The search function doesn't even work all the time.


We need to have most ideas be "system posts" (no individual credit) that are broken down by basic popular ideas that people can contribute to (in small pieces) and then vote on each piece. That would make it easier for Administration to review and easier to prevent the same idea being repeated thousands of times.


Here are a couple of examples:

1) Instead of 2000 ideas about overhauling social security, when we logon to Save Award, it already has "Reform Social Security" as an idea. Then you can add a quick 2-sentence comment/idea about how to do this and vote on others. If you go to enter something similar to something already posted, you get a message indicating that your idea is similar to one that has already been posted (and then takes you to it). This way we don't pollute the site with the same stuff!


2) Same as #1, but example is about Travel fees in GovTrip. I have seen countless posts about this. And having travelled for my job, I agree, the fees are high. However, this needs to be one post - one system post that no individual gets credit for, but instead individuals can agree or disagree overall and individuals can distinguish themselves by posting ideas about alternatives.


For basic ideas like this, you can just agree or disagree with the basic idea, AND you can add comments that others can agree or disagree with. This way administration could see what % want Social Security Reform or GovTrip fee reduction and then see what comments folks agree or disagree with as well.



Idea No. 753