Department of Defense

Service Branch Consolidation

We need to reduce the reduncy amongst the military branches. Currently, all branches provide their own security and their own air support.


The Army should grow to support and focus on Land Force activities, such as base defense. The Navy should be focusing on protection via sea. The US Military has four seperate Air Forces. Why?The role of the Air Force should be Air Support. Whether it's via moving cargo and people or dropping bombs to support the people in the field.

The Air Force should fly from ships, drop troops into hot LZs via helicopter, patrol the seas, develop new weapons systems to support the troops and be funded accordingly. There is no reason for the Navy to have it's own Air Force, the Army to have it's own Air Force and for the Marines to have their own Air Force.


The F-35 for example is expected to be purchased as three seperate airplanes for three seperate services. Why? What a waste.



Idea No. 8931