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Saving money through “Capacity Building”

Saving money through “Capacity Building”

I work for USAID Mali and I would like to make a proposal to President Obama’s initiative to save money through SAVE ((Securing Americans Value and Efficiency). My proposal relates to “Capacity Building” which is one of USAID principles of Development and Reconstruction Assistance. The idea is to build the capacity of small local businesses to be able to make high quality furniture and furnishings that are several times cheaper than the imported ones installed in residences leased by the US mission for Direct Hires, Personal Service Contractors, and Third Country Nationals (TCN).

One of the goals of USAID is to help bring about peace, stability and development throughout the world. For this purpose, the US Government has opened USAID missions all over the world. Its workforce includes Americans (DHs or PSCs), third country nationals (TCNs) and foreign services nationals (FSNs). All the workers have different advantages depending on their status. One of these is that Direct Hires living and working overseas stay in houses equipped with furniture and furnishings made in the United States or in countries different from the host country of the expatriates (case of the Republic of Mali). These furniture and furnishings are then shipped overseas. The shipment process is timely and costly. However, if these items were made locally, a lot of money could be saved on their cost, transportation, and on labor.

My proposal does not aim at reducing the privileges of any employees. Instead, it is a means of saving money that can be used for the benefit of Americans staying at home or living abroad. The same principle can be applied to other imported or exported materials, equipment or consumables.

Thank you for considering this humble proposal!


Aliou Diallo


West Africa



Idea No. 12326