Environmental Protection Agency

Request grantees provide additional info. on their applications.

Federal agencies should evaluate a potential grant recipient's past performance on any previous or existing Federal grant awards and on how they are leveraging their grant request with another Federal grant award. To obtain this information, I recommend that all potential grant recipients include a list of any previous or existing Federal grants on the Application for Federal Assistance SF-424. This question could be included on the existing form between question 19 and 20. With this information, the staff that are reviewing these grant applications could include the grantee's previous performance and its ability to leverage as a criteria for evaluation.


Many organizations receive grants from multiple Federal agencies or multiple departments within the same agency. If we evaluated an organization's application with the knowledge of their other grants and how well they performed on their grants, I believe we would make better funding decisions. We would know if multiple Federal agencies are providing the funding to the same organization to do the same thing. Currently, now this situation would only be found out through an audit.



Idea No. 16449