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Rehired Annuitants? Why?

In this day when the dollar is in short demand and many of our knowledgeable employees are retiring, it seems silly for us to be retiring someone only to rehire them right back again with a waiver of their annuity. We are literally paying them double for their knowledge. And I know for a fact, that many of these re-employed annuitants are doing this just for the money. They were not even considering retirement until they found that if they retired, they could be rehired at twice the amount of money. It is also very disheartening that those hired as new employees are not gaining the knowledge or experience in certain positions because this re-employed annuitant is doing the work. I understand it is only a temporary appointment, but I feel the government could save some monies by eliminating this very enticing element. Little steps add up to big ones…


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    I think it is a good idea to rehire retirees.Some time you need a mixture of new and ole emplyees to blace the department. The old can teach the new.

    We can cut the pay and not pay the entire salary that was previously paid.