Department of Education

Reduction or elimination of certain political appointments

In the Dept. of Education 75 special or confidential assistants were appointed to the Secretary, Undersecretaries and Assistant Secretaries. These are 75 positions that could easily filled by current government staff who have more experience, and institutional knowledge than these "outsiders" who are given jobs simply to reward them for their political loyalty. The resulting elimination of these appointments would result in more efficiency in implementing the agendas of the Secretary because government staff would be readily able to advise the Secretary on the proper practices and procedures for securing necessary resources and can readily adapt to the needs of the Secretary. The political appointees are at a disadvantage because they have little or no knowledge of the structure or operation of the Department. Since I have no way of knowing how much these special assistants are paid or what their duties entail I cannot provide an itemized breakdown of cost savings (i.e., political appointee versus government staff salaries).



Idea No. 2536