Department of Veterans Affairs

Reduce call ins (sick leave)

Recieve pay for not calling in. For example, you must have 300 hours of SL on the books. Once you have 300 hours you may choose to get paid your SL if you do not call in the previous month....Mr. X has 300 hours of SL on the books. He does not call in sick during the month of July. The first pay period of August, Mr. X will receive an extra 8 hours of pay. His SL balance stays at 300. (we earn 4 hours of SL per pay period) If Mr. X calls in sick during the month of July, no extra pay in August, SL balance has to be at 300. This may reduce the call ins, which would reduce overtime pay and improve productivity of Managers, who spend alot of time trying to find coverage for the call ins. It would also improve quality of care to our Veterans, no units working short. Who wouldn't like a little extra $$ in their pay check each month! The employee would have the choice on what they would like to do. They can also determine if they would like their SL balance higher, however the Agency determines the minimal balance to reciece the extra pay.



Idea No. 7088