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Reduce Size of Government and add Efficiency

I have worked with the Federal Government as a civilian specialist (USFS, BLM, USGS, etc.)and, for the government as an employee. There were times in the past where an agency had more to do than it could handle, however, with shrinking budgets, technology innovation, etc.,it really is possible to do more with less. Example. USFS using horses to see land that needs management vs. Google Earth from a desktop.


I'm aware of situations where one agency must drive through the lands administered by a sister agency, just to get back to their lands again.


In lands, there are many different laws, and, it takes an individual years to become totally proficient. I'm also aware that over the next 5 or so years, almost 20% of some agencies are eligible for retirement.


Therefore...combine agencies, e.g. USFS, BLM, Reclamation,etc. Use this 5 year period to have senior staff mentor/train young and upcoming staff in the laws, etc., regarding the management of their land. In agencies e.g. Reclamation where they are not part of FLPMA and their lands are Project, not Public, have the other agencies learn those laws as well. The result would be individuals that would definitely be working harder, accomplishing more, with less! Less budget, less staff, less travel, less loss of institutional knowledge when retirements happen, more land, more efficiency and greater opportunity to use the wealth of expertise that many of us posess and use for the benefit and protection of the public and resources.



Idea No. 18215