National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Re-sell to Re-stock

I know that it has long been a policy that the government cannot make any "profit" from "fruits" that came from government funding. But I cannot see why the government can't make a "re-sell" from the "waste" materials, as long as the money is going back into the program. I do not feel that it should be considered as a "profit". I have been at the Kennedy Space Center since 1973 and have watched our government scrap materials, hardware and other items go to the dump sites or have outside enterprise, just come and collect them for no cost, simply because we are not allowed to sell/profit from them. JAXA was here for many years and when their program ended with STS-127, they had to waste millions of dollars worth of scrap metal, electronic boxes, consoles, etc. by just giving it away to anyone that wanted them because they are under the same policy we are (and the cost of return shipping was too expensive). We should be allowed to re-sell the scrap metals and items to the highest bidder and put that money back into the programs. That money would give the agencies, a little bit of the "fluff" that they would need when there are budget shortcomings. I believe that this government policy of "not making a profit" is old school. Everyone else is out there taking advanatage of the government programs, let's jump on the bandwagon and do the same by helping ourselves to promote our programs and "businesses"!. I not sure which Department this suggestion would apply to but I am hoping all.



Idea No. 16031