Government Accountability Office

Quality Computer databases/programs

I strongly suggest accurate evaluation/useage reviews which result in much more user friendly, efficient workable quality assurance computer databases! Private industry has numerous types which integrate Customer correspondences, audit requirements,performance results/history as well as contractor history, conducted meetings and their results and product verification records, results comments and resulting corrective actions that can be logged, issued, followed up on and automatically send correspondence to required parties. Efficient, effective integration is desperately needed! Make these programs a TOOL for the willing workers not a chore and difficult task to work around! The CAR portal is a basis but much can be done to integrate this into a more effective quality management program! DCMA Quality and Industrial representatives can be linked into teh same integrated database so status changes, situations that occur can be quickly and easily input and graphic results can be taken out/automatically distributed as needed. QA personnel perform many divisified tasks -Contractor meetings, formal contract and informal contract review assistance meetings, Pre-award meeetings/reviews, Post award reviews/meetings and contract assesment assistance meetings, First Article meetings, first article assesments for a large array of products and services, pre-production testing, special lot selections and testing, process reviews/assesments/audits, corrective action issuance, updates, assesments and close outs which have to be documented and issued to the customers and responsible contractor personel, customer complaint investigations receipt of customer materials/items and customer communications .. all this could be integrated into one single database, designed with ease of assessibility and use but secure mainainence of information for history, reviews, assesments. Since The customers satisfaction and safety should be our top priority help us assure that is acheivable



Idea No. 4835