Department of Justice

Prison Facilities and Inmates

Why don't we cut funding to prison/prisoners in federal prisons. For example, starting with ICE, when someone is going to be deported, lets not wait weeks or months for the process as we waste too much money feeding them and housing them and medically attending them. Let's input an express lane and ship them out. Federal prisons should provide themselves with certain foods by planting crops and putting the prisoners to work in the fields, cleaning highways, and when they get sick, lets not provide things like root canals. Just pull the tooth out and move on. PEOPLE IN BOTH IN FEDERAL PRISON AND DHS DETENTION CENTERS HAVE EXPRESSED THE FOLLOWING: "WHY WOULD I WANT TO LEAVE, LOOK I AM HERE WITH NO WORRIES, I EAT MY 3 MEALS A DAY, IF I GET SICK THE DOCTORS TAKE CARE OF ME AND I DON'T HAVE TO PAY A THING!! Yet I can't even afford medical insurance for my whole family and I am worrying about keeping my budget in line.... Kind of upsetting when I know that I am paying for that with my taxes. We worry about their rights... as punishment for their crime they gave up part of their rights when they chose to break the law.



Idea No. 5276