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PRODUCE THE DRAFT SBR (Statement of Budgetary Resources)

PRODUCE EACH REPORTING AGENCIES DRAFT SBR (STATEMENT OF BUDGETARY RESOURCES) directly from the quarterly FACTSII bulk file outputs posted on OMB’s MAX website. Reporting agencies would need to make an adjustment for offsetting collections and any agency adjustments after the FACTS II submittal. Agencies upload the FACTSII reporting information to Treasury. This information is edited and cross-walked by OMB Account and posted on the MAX website in the realigned format. Since the SF132,133, Schedule P and SBR line numbers have been realigned, use the agency certified 133 data already edited and realigned by line item and OMB account to compile the SBR. See OMB A-11 Pgs 44-47 of Appendix F. All of the SBR items with the exception of offsetting receipts are common to or sums of the realigned amounts reported on the 133s. Using these downloads to produce the Draft SBR’s has applicability across agencies and potential to be a big time and cost saver. Agencies could download this centralized information to compile the agencies SBR. IE: State would need to download information listed under State plus select funds from EOP and IAP account groups. Each Agency would have the parent/child reporting information it requires to complete its SBR regardless of whether the child or parent submitted the 133. A standard method to produce the SBR from this centralized data would save the government more money and improve reconciliation to government-wide reporting. The Draft SBR could be used as a baseline by Treasury for reconciliation and adjustment when compiling the government-wide statement. The draft SBR’s would need to be reviewed/audited by each agency and updated for offsetting collections and any post facts II submittal adjustments. Provision of this information at the exact dollar and cents amount on the OMB MAX website for 2011 forward would allow agencies to readily prepare their 2012 SBR and provide the 2011 information in realigned format for comparison.



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