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Office Supplies, Reduce: needs versus desires.

Office Supplies

At Kennedy Space Center the office supply budget continued to increase during budet restructuring and budget cuts. Upon request the purchasers continued to inform management of items required compared to the list of items wanted. The logistics and budget analyst worked with administrative specialists to review the lists, a new list of allowable items was created with a huge cost savings to the center. The special items are still allowed but only with proper directorate authorization. A supply blog was also created that allowed people no longer needing items to give them to other users. This also saved the amount of items being tossed in the trash so was an environmental savings too. For example, all of us want nice pens but when a US Government retractable pen will work as well, for less than half the price, we should do the right thing. If we want the nice fancy pen we should purchase it for ourselves. Streamline and cut office supplies by 20% across the government. At KSC people are proud of the savings, our cuts might be saving jobs. If not a job it is saving money and we are proud to be helping.



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