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National Security Professionals

Since 2007 the USG has attempted to find a solution to the poor performance of the federal work force during Katrina, Iraq, 9/11, etc with no success. While the concepts of EO 13434 are sound – implementation has been an abysmal failure. Unfortunately I would estimate the USG spent $50M -$100M over the past 5 years studying this issue, writing implementation plans, having GAO, CRS and Think Tanks conduct studies - with no tangible results. I’ve held GS-14-15 positions with Navy, DHS, and DIA during this period and noticed no improvement and most feds eligible for NSPD never heard of it – implementation has been a failure!


The solution is simple – treat the National Security

Profession as we do other professions and partner with a non-profit professional society to establish training, professional standards certifications, codes of conduct and accepted business processes – at $0 to the federal gov’t. This concept has worked well for decades with the medical, legal and engineering professions.


The USG should take a fresh approach and have the NSC and OPM partner with a professional society to implement many of the concepts of EO 13434. An additional benefit is the society could train private sector support personnel, state and locals and hill staffers – all with an interest in the community of practice. This partnership exists with ASMC, PMI, SHRM, MORS and others.



-Rescind EO 13434

-Explore partnership

-Save $100M

-Raise the professional standards of the National Security Enterprise



Idea No. 6353