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Modify Purchase Contract Requirements

Each government activity has certain items that are a reoccurring purchase. Usually short lists of items that need to be bought repeatedly from one or several like vendors.


The issue is that if over the dollar limit, a special request needs to be processed for the purchase of these items. Usually, this additional acquisition process adds considerable time to the forgone need for and ultimate purchase of the item in question.


The dollar limits being the only impediment to the reoccurring purchase.


Each agency or major government activity should have a standard purchase list of items that are standard throughout the activity, required for the activity, and are bought at least , say - a dozen times in a year. These items being over the threshold amount and require C-Stars or other "approval" for purchase.


As a safeguard, purchases made off this list should be signed off on and approved to the operating unit level.


This change will free up acquisition folks for more pressing items, and allow other activities and projects to proceed faster and more efficiently.


Each agency or government activity has unique needs. My agency has a need for laboratory fume hoods. We replace them often. The cost is in excess of the dollar amount for direct purchase. A C-Stars request is required. That request for a required item that is very specific and required for the agency mission.


It is going to be purchased. Just a matter of how long the paperwork takes to purchase it. That date then starts the build time for the item (lead time). Yet another delay that is basically elongated by the extra step in the ordering / purchase process.


I do not envision this "purchase list" to include any contracted services. I do see the need and cost savings in reducing the acquisition work load for normal purchases that regularly exceed spending limits.



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