United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

Minimizing Fraudulant Disability Claims

Create positions locally in addition to the Inspector General to ACTIVELY investigate fraudulant VA disability claims. The process would be similar to private sector investigators hired by insurance companies being sued for injury or Workman's Compensation. The salaries for the new positions would pay for themselves, and still save, what I would have to believe to be at the very minimum hundreds of thousands of dollars per VA. The process would also free up much of the back log. There are groups of Veterans in each location that coach eachother about topics from which examiners better serve their purpose to how many days a week each should go to PTSD group to "work" their claim. Once the word is out that the system is "buckling down," in theory the congestion caused by fraudulant claims may not only save money by not paying those who do not deserve it, but will also free opening for those who do. We owe it to those who have served, and while doing so honestly earned disability, to fill the holes in the system that allow fraud to breed. LOCAL, ACTIVE fraud investigators would be a huge step towards this goal.



Idea No. 7482