Department of Defense

Military uniforms

Oh. My. Goodness - Where to begin? We have at LEAST 4 main branches of the military. Each branch as at LEAST 2 uniforms (for the Air Force we have ABUs, BDUs (that are phasing out), Blues, Service Dress, Mess Dress, Informal...) It's unrealistic. Not to mention a whole WASTE of paper that outlines specific rules and measurements for wearing each uniform... down to the 1/4 inch!

Are you KIDDING?! We're a military that is at war. Someone PLEASE tell me who the individuals are that have no greater job than to sit around and worry so much about uniforms, uniform changes, holding on to heritage, etc - that we can't just have 1 or 2 (or MAYBE even 3) standard uniforms across the ranks/branches!! Is all this material really necessary?! I, for one, know that my productivity and MORALE would greatly increase if I didn't have to abide by the "Blues Monday" rule that exists in the air force. I LOVE my ABUs!

Why do services personnel get to wear khaki pants and polo shirts? They're military too... they can survive in ABUs (even if they work a desk job at lodging, or do whatever it is they do behind the counter at the fitness center!) You're at work. WORK!

Dear Mr. President: Please help the military embrace change. Eliminate some of these uniforms!!! Clothes are expensive!



Idea No. 4623