Department of Defense


No more ABU's that are heavy and made from Nylon and Cotton! These burn in fires and dont help when you go to any where hot. Even in a cold climate you need a jacket so they are useless. Also why every 5 years do i get a new uniform and then in another 5 a different one. During the war i have gone thru 4 different types (thats one every 2.5 years)! Stop the Fraud waste and abuse on this and make one multipurpose uniform for all!


Also the Military spends money on all types of events no one cares about. Auto club, computer club, libraries, food concession, MWR, and other areas that are barely used. When did it get so hard to keep up with what people like. Have Fantasy Football leagues(free), cooking classes(free except for food), marksman club(almost free), beer pong tournaments(free except for beer). Ask people what they are doing when off base then bring THAT to the base for them to do; don't forget a winners prize!


Now the Air Force is in the age of fitness, well they should make it more fun. Team sports should be during the duty day and it should be mandatory to play something or go to the gym and use the equipment thats there. A buddy system might even work here to make it easier for people to get into shape.



Idea No. 14601