Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Make training of federal employees part of contract for contract

Government contractors are certainly needed in various aspects of government operations. However, in many cases the contractor with the expertise could also train federal employees to do the same operations. I suggest making training of the federal employee a contractual requirement as part of onsite contracts and target underutilized employees to benefit from the training. The goal overtime would be to discontinue aspects of the contractor’s task that could be performed by federal workforce personnel. Because we have become so dependent on contractor personnel, we have overlooked the concept of conducting fully qualifying in-house training complete with certification for employees, except perhaps, in the intelligence, enforcement and investigative community and the armed forces. We should not consider employee retraining as the employee’s responsibility to be achieve outside of the federal workforce and often at his or her own expense, while spending two to three times as much for a contractor whose company in some instances has paid for the same training that could benefit a federal workforce employee that may not career wise be the proper fit for the job he or she is currently doing.



Idea No. 11656