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Learning More About Public Transit - Fewer Government Cars.

Many federal employees may not be knowledgeable about most of the public transit available in the areas where they live and work. This could include employees that commute to work using public transit, but they may only be familar with the transit lines they are using. Federal employees learning more about public transit services in their town, city, metro area may lessen the need or derire to use a government car on short and moderate distance business travel. This could include three or more employees traveling together. With employees knowing more about available public transit services lesser numbers of government cars may be needed. In order for employees to learn more about public transit services there could be, say, a one hour annual assembly program on the subject, which could include listing of public transit web sites. Use of public transit at locations distant from the home office is also a posibility. For example, when a federal employee is going to travel from San Francisco to a federal office in Chicago, the employee could learn about public transit available in the Chicago area before departure.



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