Department of the Treasury

LR Responses/Alerts System

In the Cincy campus of the IRS LR sends out a memo 7-8 lines long that states we received your information request or grievance. As the NTEU VP at our campus I suggest the ALERTS SYSTEM be modified to automate this process. When LR logs in each case and inputs the stewards name it would automatically generate a EMAIL to the steward giving the alerts number, date and acknowledge receipt as LR desired. Name of Steward, Rcvd Date, Alerts No, Grievance or Info Request date.


This would save a significant amount of time in the LR shop as well as standardize the statement and process across the country. Pilot could be held in Cincy Campus. Such a project may be better worked and maintained through OPM because anywhere they have this type system or similar it would save money.



Idea No. 13197