Government Accountability Office

Keep HQ offices in National Capital Region

Too many federal agencies are creating satellite HQ offices which are a duplication of services. Eliminate all HQ offices not in NCR and require them to be serviced from the NCR. The NCR is the Seat and Home of the Federal Government. These agencies are wasting and abusing money by creating unnecessary offices in other locations. Regional offices and field offices should have their own minimal support services. Government service centers should not be created unless they are used by multiple Federal Departments. There are too many government offices creeping up in areas outisde of the NCR. This takes the money and the jobs away from the area. Congress resides in NCR, the President resides in NCR, the pentagon resides in NCR and all the other HQ offices should also. Outfitting agencies outside of the NCR enables them to bypass branding, HR, GSA, etc. and limits their oversight. There is too much margin for error and waste/fraud/abuse without these offices playing by the same rules and not being under the same watchful eye of the world and their Senior Managers.



Idea No. 2832