Legislative Branch

Instead of GCC use debit for intermittent travelers

In our agency FT inspectors sometimes have to travel to a training session or another plant but unless a person is in a relief position where their job is to be on the road from week to week GCC are not neccessary. FT employees who travel seldom could be issued disposable or reloadable debit cards that could be funded by the district offices at the push of a button for the amount of perdiem they are due for the particular trip. Hotel arragnemetns could be made and paid directly. instead of contracting a travel service we could have agency personnel in each region who handle all hotel arragements, flight arrangements etc. This could even be a telework position because each district could have a travel liasion assigned to handle all of this. This person could have all arragments prepaid and with the traveler having a debit card it would eliminate CC fraud , waste, and abuse. IIC's in plant could also be issued debit cards loaded with small amounts in 25.00 increments that could be issed and used by travelers on the spot for one day travel.



Idea No. 1901