National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Innovation - Less Bureaucracy - Firm Cost Contracts

If this nation wants to save additional Billions dollars from Government Organizations like DoD, DOE and NASA etc, then following will hold good for all above Organizations.

Project Requirements needs more due diligence and fidelity before awarding contracts and need accurate cost models and projection for the life cycle of the project and programs .


Example is from NASA:


Eliminate and/or Minimize NASA HQ imposed non-valued requirements on the projects. Use Latest proven technologies and best practices from the Aerospace Industry in additions to some of the best practices within NASA.


Hold team and individuals responsible and accountable for their performance and valued contribution to NASA and current needs of this nation.


Let each project/NASA Center run like a Silicon Valley company/Corporate company to drive innovation at a rapid speed, cutting down on bureaucracy at all levels and benefit this nation and human kind.


Award full cost contracts (minimize on Cost Plus contracts) to the extent possible.


Let NASA's prime contractors responsibility in development of next generation Launch Vehicles and Human Space Program with their own financial commitment in addition to NASA's seed money. (adopt philosophy of Silicon Valley)


Given an opportunity, this will provide a great potential for implementation of Silicon Valley business and Innovation model of high tech company at NASA as a pilot program, and save billions/millions of dollars



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