National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Incentive award for putting unused equipment back into inventory

All projects have some equipment left over in used or unused states. Instead of paying to store them away, why not incentivise government entities to put this equipment into an internal storehouse where it can be bought for a fraction of the cost by another government entity who could use it instead. If part of that money goes to the organization that sold the eqiupment, they would recoup some of the costs of the equipment which would go back into their general fund. The entity who purchased the equipment would save money. Some small fraction of the sale would pay for the whole system. Every agency could contribute and benefit from this. Unsold equipment would then be delivered to the current state agencies, schools, or auctions as is the current process. The key is to incentivize organizations by giving them part of the proceeds of the sale.



Idea No. 14315