Legislative Branch

Give Congress and strong incentive to avoid budget CRs

Congress needs a strong incentive to pass annual spending bills because the the current practice of having multiple continuing resolutions wastes millions (if not billions) of dollars and severely limits the effectiveness of the federal government.


Congress almost never completes work on annual spending bills before the beginning of the next fiscal year. In some cases as in 2011, there are multiple continuing resolutions and near-government shutdowns which result in huge costs and inefficiencies across every facet of government.


Our congressional leaders need a strong incentive to do their job and complete the spending bills before the end of August, to allow agencies time to plan for the next fiscal year. Such incentives could include: -Members will collect no pay after Aug 31st until the time that all spending bills have passed.

-Members shall be banned from any political fund-raising activities or collecting campaign donations after Aug 31st until the time that all spending bills have been passed.

-Members shall be in-eligible for re-election if at any time during their term they did not complete work on all spending bills before Aug 31st.


Legislation with one or more of these conditions would go a long way towards fixing the broken congressional appropriations process, and force Congress to focus on their primary responsibility above other matters.



Idea No. 15473