Office of Personnel Management

Give 2 Get 2: 2 weeks "salary" for 2 mos. added to civilian svc

As of 3/2011, there were approx. 2.1 mil. civilian employees. The ave. GS level was 10 or $1,760 for 2 weeks salary. If an employee "gives" 2 weeks, the potential annual savings to the federal govt. is $3.7 BILLION. If only half participate, the annual savings could be $1.9 BILLION. The furlough will be for a total of 2 weeks, with no more than 1 week of LWOP in any 1 pay period. As a bonus for "giving" 2 weeks worth of earnings back to the fed. govt., a civilian employee will have 2 months added to his/her service time, thus reducing the actual time needed to serve before reaching full retirement. The Service Computation Date will be adjusted by 2 months. An employee can participate only once a year.



Idea No. 18231