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As the President and United States Congress debates the debt ceiling and attempts to bring America's spending in line, I suggest they consider eliminating foreign aid until America is back on their feet and able to pay our own bills. Why should we provide assistance to other governments when we ourselves are considering drastic measures like government shutdowns, reductions to social security and medicare, etc. It just doesn't make good sense.


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    Foreign aid still makes sense. Promoting freedom, democracy, health, and development around the world is in our own best interest. Many of us also believe we have a responsibility to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Foreign aid only makes up about 1% of our budget and has nothing to do with why things have gotten so 'drastic' at home. Our country's falling apart because our politicians refuse to work together for the good of all American people rather than for their own political and financial gain. And their constituents are letting them get away with it.

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    Foreign aid is a small proportion of the federal budget. We must show diplomacy in the world.

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    I totally agree with this recommendation. We are a debtor nation, unable to balance budgets. Why would we give money to other nations.

    Stop all foreign aid now.