Department of Transportation

Flexible Use of Federal Employees among Agencies Government Wide

Federal employees among agencies hold the same professional series and grade classifications. Allow Federal employees to be transfered between agencies to facilitate the most efficient use of Federal staff without new hiring. Agencies with increased workloads / priorities should have existing Federal employees from other agencies transfered as needed. This will eliminate the huge amount of resources currently devoted / expended to hiring and identifying new employees (and indirectly limit the size of government). It will also allow the Federal Govt. to better allocate resources / staff to higher priority activities / needs.


The military currently does this when transferring active duty personnel. A similar requirement should be put in place for civilian Federal employees.


To keep employees in agencies with low priority activities when higher priority needs require additional staffing / resources is not an efficient use of government human capital. Federal staff should be reallocated / transferred government wide as demand requires.


This idea can also lead to the consolidation of human resources offices government wide to a system where a central system is used to move and place Federal employees where the need is the greatest.


It will also lead to better morale with employees allowed to experience and participate in new and essential activities required to move the Nation forward.



Idea No. 6029