Central Intelligence Agency

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

A typical 2.5 ton home AC unit for a 3,000 square foot house costs $391 a month to run, but will cost 3-4% more than that for every degree the thermatstat is set lower than 78 degrees. So if that house has it's temperature set at 72 degrees, for example, the owners would spend nearly $80 more a month instead--that's nearly 20% more expense per month. Given that the State Department building is over 1.5 million square feet, imagine how much money we spend to cool it for every degree below 78 degrees per month. Then mulitply that number by the hundreds of federal government office buildings and imagine how much money we waste by cooling these buildings to ridiculously low temperatures (my office is set at 68 degrees, for example, and I work with a space heater and 2 fleece blankets in July and August!)


In a day when computers no longer take up an entire floor but instead have internal, efficient cooling systems, they can no longer be the excuse for the ever lowering temperatures of our federal office buidlings. The amount of money the government could save over an imperceptible two degree difference in temperature in our offices would be staggering.


It's time to warm up!



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