Legislative Branch

Federal Acquisistion Regulations

Distinguished Sir or Ma'am, Having worked civil service in both DOD and USDA-FS, I am continually faced with the budgeting restrictions that tag monies allotted for a particular year as "must spend." Many regulations require budgeted allotments for any given fiscal year as monies that must be spent or obligated within that fiscal year. This creates a "must spend" attitude, regardless of which agency or department. If we were to legislate a funds deferrment program, where an allotment of fiscal funds from one year can be deferred to the next fiscal year(s). Although this may seem detrimental for budgeting & planning efforts, assigning an accounting ledger code (ALC) to any amount of funds would allow the further freedom to empower agencies to fund larger or future projects that would otherwise be delayed or disapproved altogether. Deferred funds also allows for "good" fiscal managers and leaders to reduce following years' budgets. Where decreased fiscal budgets would become detrimental, deferred funds can be obligated (in whole or in part) to projects (or impending funding crisises) by saving money in each given fiscal year (as in a savings account). The flexibility of deferred fiscal funding can reach an enormous level of improved spending habits among the many federal agencies.



Idea No. 367