Department of Defense

Exchange Officer

The USAF 70th Intel Wing is based at Ft Meade. In order to secure command billets for the 14N (intel officer) career field, multiple squadrons exist with 5 operational missions scattered amongst these squadrons. The result is 5 squadrons, each with an operational mission and the remainder of the personnel in the squadrons being assigned to the NSA with administrative control given to these squadrons. A more efficient way to do this is place all the operational missions under a single squadron and have all the personnel assigned to NSA under one administrative unit. This would save millions in manpower as you would eliminate a lot of redundancies in personnel by cutting back 3 pointless squadrons and reduce the USAF footprint at Ft Meade. The downside and the political reason these billets exist is it gives more squadron commander billets to USAF intelligence officers (14N). This time of organizational structure is unique to NSA and Ft Meade and is not seen in other joint endeavours.



Idea No. 17788