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Enhance Your Favorite Program

Many citizens feel passionately about their favorite government programs and believe they should be funded at a higher level that what the federal budget can support. This feeling is likely to grow as program budgets are reduced in upcoming years.


Let’s provide citizens an opportunity to do something meaningful with those feelings. Let’s provide them the opportunity to enhance specific program budgets that they strongly support by allowing them to send in supplemental funding.


A simple website could be developed that allows citizens to specify which specific government programs they would like to make a contribution to. Those funds would then be added to the budget available for that specific program.


The benefits to this program include: (1) allowing citizen to take meaningful action associated with their feelings; (2) enhancing specific government programs, enabling additional work to be completed and potentially saving federal tax dollars that otherwise might be added to the program in future years; and (3) informing decision makers concerning what citizens are willing to personally support.


Let citizen “vote” with their contributions!



Idea No. 12928