Department of Defense

End of Year Spending

Instead of penalizing programs for saving money, allow saved monies to be rolled over into the next year. This will end large amounts of waste at the end of the year when everybody in the government is trying to get the money spent that is on programs. Granted, it will require a large overhaul to the accounting practices and the color of money. But I would estimate that this happens for every Federal agency and program at the end of the year. It would end the buying of things just because you have to get the money off the books. The incentive of rewarding people/programs for saving the money would be huge. Also by rolling the savings into the next years budget would reduce future costs throughout the entire Federal system. Thus the gains would be not only immediate, but have a long term impact into the future. By providing incentive, or at least the ability to roll the money over, would allow the government to truly be a better steward of the publics assets. The current method is truly wasteful of time and money. I truly believe this one change in how the government conducts business and manages money would make the greatest impact financially as opposed to any other change that could be implemented.



Idea No. 5234