Department of Defense

End Military Airlift for Inspections

HQ AMC travels to units for inspections of every flying wing in the guard and reserve, as well as Active Duty. It is customary for the unit receiving the inspection to come pick up and return the evaluators at Scott AFB in the military aircraft of that unit rather than the small inspection team of 7-10 folks flying commercial. Even at $1000 a ticket, this would be $10k total. Yet a C-5 flying from Travis AFB to Scott will cost close to $350k for the trip. Sure some training is taking place in the local area of CA, but the extra 8-9 hr round trip that is added on to drop in to St Louis is absurdly expensive and wasteful when the team could fly commercial. There are close to 50 inspections a year! Calculations at even just 1/3 of the above cost ($100k per inspection x 50 inspections) equals a price tag of $5 Million dollars!! Are we serious about saving money...someone take note PLEASE!



Idea No. 12028