Department of Defense

Eliminate aircrew flight pay for AF UAV pilots and sensors

The Air Force currently pays officer pilots and enlisted sensors of unmanned vehicles such as the MQ-1 and MQ-9, a monthly bonus of $800. Though these two positions are two of the fastest growing and in demand positions in the Air Force, they basically fly in a room, on the ground and do not fly in the air in actual flight conditions. It is s a tremendous waste of money to reward thousands of pilots and sensors with that much money every month. Eliminating the bonus pay would save $800 x however many pilots and sensors there are in the Air Force every month. The total amount of pilots and sensors is an ever increasing number so this waste of money will only increase with the current policy. No offense to the aircrews that fly them, but to say they warrant the pay versus a pilot who takes to the air is a sham. I have respect for them because they do have a lot of resposnibility to keep these things flying, but there is no risk of life involved and during missions they can actually leave their seat to use the bathroom, put in orders for lunch and sip on coffee or slurpees as they fly inside the room in which the aircrew stations are situated.



Idea No. 8568