Department of Defense

Eliminate Staff Vehicles and VIP Aircraft from the DoD Fleet

Staff vehicles and aircraft are a huge waste of money for a Colonel up to four star General to have his own transportation at the cost to the tax payer. 1 staff vehicle (currently a Ford Fusion Hybrid) per O-6 and higher in the military has a base price of $28,600 per vehicle. Just on our base alone there are 7 of these vehicles, costing a total of $200,200.00, take that times approximately 81 AF Bases equals $16.2M. For Aircraft, all NAF and MAJCOM commanders usually have their own aircraft for travel along with all VIP's. There is enough military transport aircraft in the DoD inventory that these top commanders can easily take a cargo aircraft for their transportation, or it is even cheaper for a commercial plane ticket to take them to where they need to go. Current known inventory for all 4 DoD Branches is 19 Gulfstream C-20's @ $36M/ea; 55 Learjet C-21's @ $3.1M/ea; 19 Gulfstream C-37's @ $65M/ea; and 2 Gulfstream C-38's @ $11.7M/ea. Total price for all aircraft just for the purchase price, not including price for maintenance, fuel and parts is $1,497,300,000.00. Quite a price to pay to court around our higher ranking officers.



Idea No. 7317