Department of Justice

Eliminate Federal Prison Camps and Implement Home Confinement

Elimination of the current Federal Prison Camp facilities and implementation of a Home Confinement system for low level inmates would create a doubly beneficial savings to the government.


The first true cost savings benefit would be to eliminate all of the care, custody, and control expenses necessary for the population of low security level inmates.


Each camp, whether self-contained or a satellite branch of a higher level institution, is maintained by a staff that consists of executives, counselors, medical and psychology staff, case managers, religious services personnel, food service staff, recreational officers, and correctional officers. Eliminating these positions would drastically reduce the costs related to maintaining our ever-growing federal prison system. Implement a system of home confinement probationary staff. This would effectively replace all the aforementioned employees in the camps.


The second area of financial benefit would be installation of a home confinement system for inmates whose crimes justify a lower security level. The financially beneficial aspect to the home confinement system would be the responsibilty of the inmate to pay home confinement fees for the duration of their sentence as set forth by the court. This financial responsibility would extend to the inmate's health services concerns as well, which are astronomically high in any prison system. Placing an inmate's health expenses back into his own hands would eliminate unnecessary medical trips and procedures. It would also be a mandate that the inmates would be employed in order to remain in the home confinement system. This would give incentive for inmates to be reintegrated as productive members of society upon sentence completion.


Therefore, this idea not only saves money, but seeks to implement a new ideology that would assist inmates to return to society with greater ease and life skills, perhaps with less chance of recidivism.



Idea No. 8680