Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Driving Home the Value of Each and Every Federal Employee

What’s the value of one human life? What’s the cost of a career worth of training and education? What’s the cost of a government disability pension? We can’t afford to lose any of our most treasured assets – our hard working employees. Therefore, I purpose that we mandate that all government offices provide a hands-free device with every government issue cell phone and provide the appropriate training (including expectations for use). In this electronic age, a high percentage of our work force is driven by their position to maintain a cell phone at the ready, including while driving. We should ensure that each and every one of them has a hands-free device available to them and that they clearly understand the expectations for its use (especially considering the business related travel required of our workers). Hands free - Stay in touch with the office and the wheel! Hands free – communicate and arrive alive!



Idea No. 11468