Department of the Interior

Do away with GSA Purchasing

Look into reforming or better yet, doing away with GSA. I would bet the origional idea of having a government division that looks out for government purchasing was a great one. But now, it seems like anything you get from a GSA vendor, is "expensive junk", which more times than not, usually has to be purchased in bulk. If you can find, exactly what you need, at a better price elsewhere and you only need one, (not fifty), you should be able to purchase it. I get the strangest feeling, someone out there (a senator or congressman) is getting a little "something... something" back from all the crap that our GSA vendors are supplying. Truely... There is quality... and then there's GSA. I recall my first purchase from GSA (in 1984) was a box of yellow highlighter markers and the moment I tryed getting the cap off, the entire mark came apart. Every marker in the box was junk. Little has changed since then. Get rid of GSA. It's basically useless (and a ripp-off).



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