Office of Personnel Management

Cut Tax Breaks & subsid to Oil Companies

I worked OPM, so I mark OPM, but I writing about general Idea.


Rather than cut on Medicaid, medicare, SNN, Disable Veterans, Fed retiree, and Military Retiree who are already deal with their finance.

1. Stop Tax Break on the rich. 2. Stop the subsadies on the Oil Companies

3. Stop Coop Tax as a tax deduction

4. Increase tar on imported products from companies oversea.

5. Cut on the cost on the alotment that each ageancy gets. (I worked in OPM, and I know that toward the end of the year, if they had money left over, they would spended on thing that were a want not a need, so to not have return the money, because they would get lest the next year if they return the excess money. Other Fed are doing the same.



Idea No. 18225