National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Collaborative, Secure Online Community

NASA, like many other governmental agencies, is represented across the country with its multiple centers. Many of NASA's employees use collaborative online communities, like Yammer, to share experiences and ideas, gather feedback, and grow as an agency despite geographical hindrances.


The problem with the online communities currently being used is that they are not secure enough to be an appropriate forum to discuss some classified or sensitive projects and issues to NASA.


I'm sure the government could develop a tool that would use an employee's classification status and the project they are working on to give them access to appropriate communities to collaborate.


An office at a single center could use the community to share supplies (i.e. I need a two inch binder- does anyone have an empty one at their desk I can recycle?). An employee at one center could collaborate with an employee at a different center to gather flight data or a coding line that could be used across various projects.


Online communities are one of the waves of the future, and especially with upcoming generations will equate to cost-savings and time-savings across the agency.



Idea No. 15076