Office of Personnel Management

Civilian Personnel Pay System and Hiring Procedures

1. There should be an incentive pay system. The current GS pay system does not promote any motivation to a GS employee. When an employee is "stepped out", unless there is a higher GS graded position available, a person cannot advance. The NSPS system was a good system in theory, but there were flaws. A new system should be created to promote job growth and reward employees for performing outstanding work. The current evaluation/appraisal process is either "satisfactory" or "unsatisfactory". Where is the motivation?


2. A new system needs to be implemented for a GS employee to apply for other Federal jobs. USA Jobs is not the answer. Everyone's nominations are funneled to a central agency and if individuals qualify, these nominations are forwarded to the hiring official. It should be mandatory that the hiring official contact each person for an interview. A hiring official has too much latitude in making a decision (elects not to conduct interviews). Many outstanding candidates are probably not being interviewed because of this loophole in the policy. In addition, response time takes too long. A potential applicant should be able to contact the hiring official directly to inquire about the hiring process instead of receiving a no response. Having resume sent directly to the hiring official, you would be able to reduce these central hiring agencies.


3. To save money, anyone who is at a GS-12 pay level and higher should only be able to receive this pay or be in a specific position for five years. At the end of a person's tenure of 5 years, it is up to the immediate supervisor to renew/offer an extension. If the supervisor declines, this person would have to be transferred to another agency. This promotes job growth for employees GS-11 and lower. Also, it reduces pay because more than likely, all of the GS-12s that would be hired would be at the lower Steps instead of being "Stepped Out". Finally, it would bring new ideas to an organization.


The Federal Gov't Civil Service system needs to be more like the private sector. Currently, the system is dated and there are no incentives for anyone to grow career wise or even to stay in the Civil Service field. With the current pay freeze, more employees are searching for jobs in the private sector because of salary and benefits.



Idea No. 18229