Department of the Interior

Budget, obligations and spending

We need to cut spending year around, not wait until we approach the end of the FY year where the agency will then spend needlessly. Once we are certain of funds we obligated for the year will not be needed/used, perhaps in staffing, a project, training, etc., we can then have the option to return those funds. A percentage of these funds returned can be placed in two seperate year-around accounts, one account belonging to the agency returning the funds, and another account to be used for urgent/justifiable needs of agencies and/or departments. As the end of the FY year approaches the percentages can decrease to the agency returning funds, making it a higher incentive to return sooner than later. When the Agency appropriately justifies their return of funds not needed (i.e. lapse in position#) will guarantee they will not be penalized nor incur a reduction of upcoming annual budgets. The Government needs to take a closer look on justifiable spending during year around closeout.



Idea No. 16840