Department of Education

Better Screening Before Students Get Scholarship Funding/Grants

There are numerous scholarship funding opportunities within the government. Many are designed to attract individuals into government service. The problem is that “government service” has many restrictions – i.e., one cannot have certain convictions or other things on their records. Often times, the first two or three years of school (tuition, books, medical, etc.) are paid for by the government “for free”. Then when the “students” are finally asked to fill out security questionnaires, it is only then that the Government finds out that they are prohibited from government employment. By this time the U.S. Government is already into their education by tens of thousands of dollars. Our tax dollars would be better spent in PRE-SCREENING potential students, future government workers BEFORE we sink one penny into their education. This is documented to happen THOUSANDS of times EVERY YEAR! Better screening would save the U.S.A. taxpayers BILLIONS of dollars.



Idea No. 5099