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Adjust Room Temperature in Government Buildings

Room temperatures should be comfortable for people to work in adequate clothing that does not restrict movement. During the Summer time room temperatures are set to 72F, in the Winter time temperature is set to 80 degrees. Both are extreme temperatures and not comfortable at all. We are constantly calling maintenance, they come in tape the ducts, make some adjustments and a few days later we are back to the starting point. Significant energy savings can be achieved by setting temperatures to 76-78 degrees year round.

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  1. Agree. Allow the temp to be higher in summer and lower in winter. Likewise allow for more flexibility in attire to adjust for warmer or cooler temperatures (example: dispense with business suit requirement in the summer).

    3 years ago
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  2. I agree that the temperature in government buildings (or at least my building) is an issue. However, I disagree that 76-78 degrees is the optimal year-round temperature. Even more money can be saved on energy by keeping the thermostat lower in the winter. I myself keep my home thermostat at 80 in the summer and 65 in the winter. I know that's more extreme than most people, and I'm not suggesting that government buildings go to these extremes. However, I bet that just a 1-2 degree adjustment closer to the external temperature would save a good deal of money on heating and cooling. This would also be greener, as it would reduce the use of fossil fuels. To decide on an optimal temperature, federal employees could be surveyed. In particular, you could ask where they keep their home thermostats to find a temperature that most people can be happy with.

    3 years ago
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  3. There are plenty of energy analysis that say 78 degrees in the summer and 67 in the winter saves enormous amounts of money. It is also closer to the outside temperature in most parts of the country and therefore easier for the body to adapt to. Adjusting for humidity, this change alone in all buildings housing gov workers or contractors in the US will save enormous amounts of money and improve the working conditions of employees trying to maintain a decent weight. Buidlings should not adjust to the hotest or coldest room; if there are certain floors or rooms with problems it is much more cost effective and responsible to use space heaters/AC units or dehumidifiers.

    3 years ago
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  4. Appropriate building temperatures can usually save energy. Saving energy saves money and helps to protect the invaluable natural resources upon which we rely.

    3 years ago
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