Judicial Branch

Abbreviated opinions should be used whenever possible

I understand courts of appeals aren't thrilled by the idea, but trial courts should, to the extent possible, decide motions by saying something like "For the reasons noted by the government in its memorandum at pages 4- 7, the motion is granted" or "is denied." This could be especially useful in orders on motions for summary judgment. I've recently seen some orders going close to 100 pages long. How much trial court time does it take to write at such length? And all the while, god knows how many other motions are in the in-box waiting to be reviewed and decided. As long as a simple reference to a party's paper makes plain why the trial court is deciding a motion as it is, nothing more should be required. The time it takes justice to be done in the federal courts in this country is often absurd -- justice delayed and denied -- and anything that could scoot the process along without changing the substantive decisions should be encouraged.



Idea No. 7100